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The American Dream (An animated history of banking)

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The banks have created a system whereby everyone has to borrow to keep up with the inflation (caused by their lending practices), but there is never enough money in the economy to pay back the debt plus interest. It’s like a board game where every round, one of the players must go bankrupt, and the bank takes their real assets. It’s a great game for the banks, but a fraudulent contract at the root. See “The American Dream” for an excellent and entertaining video on how this all works:

Viewer discretion is advised

This is not a children’s cartoon and deals with themes that may be above the understanding of younger children. The film has some moderately strong language and cartoon violence, which is a shame as it should be shown in Senior/high schools.


IMF Head Christine Lagarde Saving the World?

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Don’t make me laugh. In what can only be viewed as a glowing and adoring profile, the BBC highlights the efforts by International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde to contain the ongoing Eurozone crisis. For the past month Ms Lagarde has given the BBC unusual behind-the-scenes access as she steers her 187-member organisation to manage the biggest financial crisis of our lifetimes – thefiscal nightmare that is the eurozone. Her conviction that the euro crisis leaves no country immune is what is driving Ms Lagarde to ask the world to help pay for a $500bn (£314bn) global firewall. It is a job that keeps her extremely busy and extremely mobile. On that travel occasion she was on her way to Mexico City for a meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers and she invited us to join her. This summit is a

 Christine Lagarde  - New World , New Ideas ???

Christine Lagarde - New World , New Ideas ???

chance to pass around the IMF cap for those hundreds of billions of dollars. She uses all her easy charm and lawyer’s training to cajole non-eurozone countries to surrender their domestic interests to the greater global good. As any adherent to the Austrian school, or common sense in general, should know, the oft-mentioned “common good” or “global good” is a complete non sequitur used by those desperate to throw an appealing facade over their true intentions. Like the public sector union which invokes images of uneducated and starving children or a large corporation painting itself as a fighter for the working man by endorsing further labor regulations such as a raising of the minimum wage, these seemingly noble goals are not so angelic at their core. Public sector unions, like any organization run by men acting purposefully, strive to maintain their relevancy and cash flow. Convincing politicians and Joe Taxpayer that the blood of a million dead children are on their hands if they fail to funnel more funds to their cause- that is employing more government employees- is a clever way to keep the pork flowing. Same goes for the chain of big box department stores which petition for an increase of the minimum wage. Despite all evidence that mandated wage floors perpetuate poverty by pricing less productive members of society out of the labor force, advocates of the minimum wage enjoy the law because it imposes a higher cost on their small time competitors. When it comes to the Eurozone crisis, those in favor of the bailouts don’t have a shred of concern for the taxpayers footing the bills. As has been pointed out many, many times on LvMIC, the real beneficiaries of the European Central Bank and IMF’s attempt to shove the PIIGS full of liquidity are the banks which hold their debt. Taki Theodoracopulos sums up the situation perfectly in regard to Greece: The Greeks cannot and will not ever be able to pay the debt and interest simply because even under the cruelest austerity by the year 2020 the deficit will still be more than the GDP. Most likely the economy is in freefall and will continue to fall for years to come. The Euro Scum Elite know this but have an agenda of their own—keeping their perks and positions of power in Brussels—so they are immune to Greek suffering. The ones suffering are the innocent poor made up of those who work for a salary in the private sector, pensioners, and small businessmen and women. Lagarde isn’t saving the world; she is saving the governments which fund her employer and the banks which fund those governments that in turn receive all types of special privileges such as cartelizing regulations that cut off entrepreneurial competition and a spot at first receivership of newly printed currency. Since Lagarde used to hold a prominent position in the French government as Economic Minister, was previously chairwoman of the international law firm Baker & McKenzie, and was firmly against any debt restructuring prior to her role at the IMF, it’s not hard to pinpoint where her allegiances lie. To further drive the point home, see this interview where Lagarde openly admits that during times of crisis, which is the only way to accurately describe the situation in the EZ, the IMF grows in authority and influence. Put simply, there is no such thing as the “global good.” Evaluating positives and negatives is only done on an individual basis. Groups don’t act, only individuals do. As Murray Rothbard writes: Only individuals have ends and can act to attain them. There are no such things as ends of or actions by “groups,” “collectives,” or “States,” which do not take place as actions by various specific individuals. “Societies” or “groups” have no independent exist­ence aside from the actions of their individual members. Thus, to say that “governments” act is merely a metaphor; actually, certain individuals are in a certain relationship with other in­dividuals and act in a way that they and the other individuals recognize as “governmental.” The BBC article surprisingly acknowledges that national sovereignty is being choked to a slow death in order to ensure the bailouts keep coming. The fallacy comes when the phrase “asking” is used since the funding for the IMF comes from governments themselves which don’t ask their citizens to pay taxes but merely swindles money by the threat of imprisonment. What Lardge heads is not some divine institution serving as the world’s guardian against fiscal calamities but a blackmailing racket to ensure holders of government debt rarely see any repercussions for their less-than-stellar investing habits and to promote inflation on a global scale.

[Written by James E. Miller, editor,]

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What is wrong with this picture?

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George Orwell Lived Here and now there is a surveilance camera on it!!

George Orwell lived here and now there is a surveillance camera on it!!

Debt Mountain

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I have just been reading a brilliant article by Martin Weiss of Weiss Research and the reasons behind his prediction of a coming economic crisis in the US similar to what has been seen in Greece but on a much larger scale. Definitely worth a read but I had to post these wonderful images from the article of what these vast amounts of money might look like as it is all just looks like telephone numbers written down.

The piles are in 100 dollar bills (its all about the Bennys) from the top is 1 million – 1 billion – trillion and bottom the current US government debt of 14.5 Trillion.

The complete report can be found here:

Wikileaks suffer denial of service attack anyone surprised?

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Freedom of speech is under pressure again,  I have found a couple of IP addresses for wikileaks – US cables site but things are changing quickly so try:

for updates or

which was working  at 10:12 am GMT 03-12-2010

Electronic Privacy Information Centre(EPIC) Submits Comments to Council of Europe on Profiling

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On September 14, 2010 Electronic Privacy Information Centre (EPIC) submitted comments regarding a proposed appendix to the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing Personal Data in the Context of Profiling. Better known as the Privacy Convention, the measure was adopted by the Council of Europe in June 2010 by the Consultative Committee of the Convention 108 for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data. The convention’s primary purpose is to strengthen data protection.

In its comments, EPIC urged the Committee to strengthen the legal protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal information in the context of profiling. EPIC addressed three issues from the draft recommendation that raised concern, including the absence of a definition for “Privacy Enhancing Technology” and the omission of “sex” as part of the definition of “Sensitive Data,” and the lack of a research framework to monitor profiling from the private and public sector. EPIC stated that individuals must be able to freely

exchange information without risk that improper profiles will be established and concluded that failure to protect the fundamental right of privacy thus adversely impacts the free flow of information.

EPIC strongly supports Council of Europe Convention 108, and has launched a campaign urging the United States Government to support the Council of Europe Privacy Convention. On January 28, 2010, twenty-nine members of the EPIC Advisory Board wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to urge that the United States begin the process of ratification of Council of Europe Convention 108.

As an advocate for the Madrid Privacy Declaration, EPIC acknowledged in its comments, that States must establish a comprehensive legal framework for privacy protection and an independent data protection authority that

aids in assessing any adverse effect in individual privacy. The Madrid Declaration reminds the European Union member countries and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development member countries of their obligations to protect the civil rights of their citizens under national constitutions and laws.

Epic news letter 01/10/10


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Ukrainian Church Leads Protests Against Identification Numbers

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Tax codes for citizens threaten the independence of the Ukraine, considers The head of the Ukrainian orthodox church of the Moscow Patriarchy metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan. He has urged deputies of the Supreme Rada (Parliament) to consider within the new personal Tax codes for Ukrainians  to allow citizens  to carry out  payments without identification numbers, informs “Interfax”.

Metropolitan Vladimir has stated position of the Church on the official web site with the reference to the president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych, prime minister Nikolay Azarov, the chairman of the Supreme Rada Vladimir Litvinu and the heads of opposition parties.

The church sets out that it is defending human rights, understanding the concerns that many followers do not accept identification numbers. “Introducing codification of people from the moment of  birth with the unique unified document of the individual – an electronic card, through which the state actually authorises electronic shadowing and  control in all areas of human life”, – head of Ukrainian Church has noted in his circulation.

He has expressed opinion that there can be a loss of independence of Ukraine: “As the project of the Tax code of Ukraine is developed according to not only international standards, but also requirements which provide  information transfer of personal character to other states and the international organisations can happen such that not only each person will lose a personal liberty, but also our state independence”.

Metropolitan Vladimir asks deputies “to provide the creation of constitutional laws for citizens who  have refused acceptance of identification numbers, by entering into the project of the Tax code of Ukraine special legislative instructions which would provide an alternative form of account for taxpayers, and also provide the possibility of citizens to carry out any payments without identification number”.

[ The request] “expressed an obligation to the State tax administration on behalf of its local tax inspections, to bring –  on the basis of statements from citizens – a mark in their passports providing the possibility to carry out payments without an identification number and to cancel identification numbers of citizens which have refused them.

In July, 2009 a  group of deputies from the two factions of the Ukraine parliament developed and  registered the project of the “Tax code of Ukraine” which unifies legislation in the sphere of taxation in the Supreme Rada and will try to set it in to law for a long time.