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International  Tax Planning and Trusts are under threat from further tightening of international laws as faltering nation states look to claim even more tax revenue from their most successful international entrepeneurs.  Many of the smaller “offshore”  Jurisdictions that rely on private banking, company formations or trustee services may struggle to retain competitiveness, client confidentiality or even survival in the face of pressure that borders on economic black mail.

I hope this blog will be able to offer a reality check to everyone on the real abilities of  nation states to poke and pry into the foreign financial affairs of the individual in sharp contrast to the sweeping statements of reform from our political leaders and media.

We will try to blog about at the news affecting international trusts and tax planning with bit of a Russian twist plus cover any other infringement on personal liberty or  “nanny state” legislation.

I also want to put some perspective on the punitive measures threatened and enacted by differing tax regimes on the  individual in comparison to the billions that big business regularly avoids through variations on long-established tax dodges.

“If you owe the bank £1,000 they have you by the balls, owe the bank the £1,000,000 it is you who have them by the balls.”


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