Alternative Finance

As banks continue to lend less to the small businesses and entrepreneurs of the UK more alternative finance providers are springing up, be that venture capital, crowd sourcing or the exceptional growth of the online ICO or Initial Coin Offerings of the “blockchain” or crypto-currency sector.

I love this “disinter-mediation” of the usual banks and government bodies and so wanted to share several new financiers with any reader, one a  leading Commercial finance provider with a deep pool of investors looking for a reasonable return for funding UK businesses and the other a consultancy specialising in the facilitation and promotion of online ICO fundraising for growing fin tech companies. A great website backed by a very capable and experienced team, which also serves as a good introduction to the entire Blockchain, Initial Coin Offering, Crypto-currency and the growing economy of the “Internet of Things” (IOT) . website capture


Hive Financial  Hive Financial is a highly experienced commercial finance broker specialising in Commercial, Residential, Bridging and Development Finance, dedicated to giving time and excellence to each case.  “There is no one size fits all. Our loyalty is with you,  Hive Financial have no ties to any particular lender”  – Steven Drake: director.





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