Hillsborough Uncovered

The recently released files on the events at the Hillsborough sports stadium 23 years ago clearly show how the UK government, police and Murdoch owned press could so effectively and professionally cover up the cause of the deaths of 96 innocent people. While at the same time they apportioned the blame in the public mind on the dead fans friends and families. This is also the exact reason why it has taken so long for the truth to come out.

(Stop now:: try to put yourself in that position: your son, daughter or friend is crushed to death in front of you and you are blamed for this tragedy by the police and the media and nearly everyone believes it to be true)

Now that the majority of us have mobile devices with cameras and internet, facebook, youtube etc, it would now be much harder. to sell a similar cover up so fully nationwide.

So I am not surprised that now as this type of cover up is no longer an option to a current or future government and most of the people responsible are now retired or gone, the UK government has decided to own up,whilst also trying to win plaudits for their openness.

It should make us all question more…..

And to all the Apologists Mackenzie, Johnson and also every MP since Thatcher who has had access to and could have released these documents – TOO LATE!
Forced empty apologies mean nothing.


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