Ukrainian Church Leads Protests Against Identification Numbers

Tax codes for citizens threaten the independence of the Ukraine, considers The head of the Ukrainian orthodox church of the Moscow Patriarchy metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan. He has urged deputies of the Supreme Rada (Parliament) to consider within the new personal Tax codes for Ukrainians  to allow citizens  to carry out  payments without identification numbers, informs “Interfax”.

Metropolitan Vladimir has stated position of the Church on the official web site with the reference to the president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych, prime minister Nikolay Azarov, the chairman of the Supreme Rada Vladimir Litvinu and the heads of opposition parties.

The church sets out that it is defending human rights, understanding the concerns that many followers do not accept identification numbers. “Introducing codification of people from the moment of  birth with the unique unified document of the individual – an electronic card, through which the state actually authorises electronic shadowing and  control in all areas of human life”, – head of Ukrainian Church has noted in his circulation.

He has expressed opinion that there can be a loss of independence of Ukraine: “As the project of the Tax code of Ukraine is developed according to not only international standards, but also requirements which provide  information transfer of personal character to other states and the international organisations can happen such that not only each person will lose a personal liberty, but also our state independence”.

Metropolitan Vladimir asks deputies “to provide the creation of constitutional laws for citizens who  have refused acceptance of identification numbers, by entering into the project of the Tax code of Ukraine special legislative instructions which would provide an alternative form of account for taxpayers, and also provide the possibility of citizens to carry out any payments without identification number”.

[ The request] “expressed an obligation to the State tax administration on behalf of its local tax inspections, to bring –  on the basis of statements from citizens – a mark in their passports providing the possibility to carry out payments without an identification number and to cancel identification numbers of citizens which have refused them.

In July, 2009 a  group of deputies from the two factions of the Ukraine parliament developed and  registered the project of the “Tax code of Ukraine” which unifies legislation in the sphere of taxation in the Supreme Rada and will try to set it in to law for a long time.


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