2 Responses to “Further To End of Private Banking – Can’t a man get a little privacy?”

  1. Just a little note to help keep people from scammers on this forum. Sam Congdon is an offshore promoter who has ruined many people’s lives by selling them offshore packages and then turning them over to the FBI and IRS. This guy runs two companies by the name of Rockford Global Solutions and Equity Development Group. His clients have lost millions at Bank Crozier in St. Lucia and Grenada (google failures and how FBI seized banks) as he was in on a sting operation with the FBI. He has also testified for the Senate Finance Committee on his operations and given up his U.S. based account holder list to all legal authorities including the IRS. You should not do business with him or any of his companies unless you want to come under U.S. scrutiny. Your life will be turned upside down if you try to get offshore acounts from him – Don’t Do It!

  2. Have you considered this could be a trap and that Sam Congdon is infact (at some level, either agent or grass) an IRS or FBI operative, we are positive that Russian agents are working in the banks and trust companies in Switzerland and Cyprus keeping an eye on any holdings that could be traced to a Russian citizen so they are probably working elsewhere too.
    Would it be too much of a leap to imagine that uncle sam might try a similar tactic

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