A quick post for a campaign which really is worth the effort if you are a UK resident and like to travel….

A British Passport is a symbol of freedom, freedom to travel the world, And of citizenship of a free country. Not for much longer if the home office gets it’s way.

From 2011-2012 it plans a new condition of applying for a passport that you also agree to be listed on the ID database. If you refuse…. No passport. No travel.

The home secretary says this is “entirely voluntary”. But you will have no choice if you want a passport.

The ID database will record much more about you than is on a passport now. it will know where you live, your national insurance number, and more. It will link to other official records about you, as they accumulate over your lifetime. You will have to keep the information up to date, by law.

It is deceptive to say an ID card is just another piece of plastic.

The ID database forms the core of Whitehall plans to keep more and more information about everyone. It is a massive change in the way we live.

NO2ID is a non-partisan campaign against the state control of personal identity. visit their website and help put an end to a disastrous policy before it can do serious damage to our liberty. Or your next UK passport could own you



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