German government warns against using MS Explorer

Taken from BBC news website:

At last, a Government body speaks out against the lack of security in one of the world’s most used web browsers. Anyone who has struggled through the XP years knows only too well how many patches, service packs and interminably slow and usually inconvenient software updates there were (“would you like to restart your PC now?”). Internet Exporer is the default browser with all Microsoft Operating Systems (MSOS) which is frankly the only reason it is so widely used, and it can’t actually be removed from your Microsoft machine as it is employed by the operating system itself. Microsoft have now said that if you set your security zone to the highest possible level it will fix the problem, that is debatable but what is sure is that it will block nearly all images and all but MS approved websites, taking the fun out of surfing. And with more niggling questions from the program asking “are you sure you want to do that?” .

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari are all very usable and free to download.

If Any Search Engine specialists out there reading this, do you have any idea why a website ranked top in Google for several specialist terms can’t be found by Bing at all, even if I search it by website name? I have submitted the website myself to them twice over the past 3 months but still nothing, maybe I should think about PPC, or then again, maybe not……


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